SMART Voter Website Provides Important Voter Information

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Register to Vote!

Members of Local 24 are urged to visit a new SMART website to check your voter information or to register to vote.

In order to hold politicians accountable, you must vote. However, you cannot vote unless you are registered.

SMARTvote2020 helps members check voter registration status, helps members register to vote and also helps members request a mail-in absentee ballot.

With each passing day, the voter registration deadline in your state draws near.

In addition to the president, this election will decide leaders on the statewide level, who make a direct impact on the issues that affect your paycheck.

SMART strongly urges all members to be registered voters and to vote in each election.

In some states, such as Ohio, the voter rolls are purged when a voter fails to vote in a certain number of consecutive general elections.

For instance, if you live in Ohio, last voted in 2008 and have not responded to requests from your local board of election to update your information, you have likely been purged from their voter role.

This means you will not be allowed to vote in the upcoming Presidential Election.

By visiting, you can ensure you can vote this November.

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