Small Group of House Members Trying to Eliminate Prevailing Wage

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Two Ohio lawmakers introduced legislation in May designed to repeal Ohio’s Prevailing Wage law.

State Reps. Ron Hood (R-Ashville) and Bill Dean (R-Xenia) introduced House Bill 663, which has only eight co-sponsors.

According to the Ohio Capital Journal, the legislators called Ohio’s Prevailing Wage law “onerous and archaic.”

Prevailing Wage laws require construction contractors, who work on publicly funded projects, to pay construction workers at least the Prevailing Wages and benefits in the area in which they are working.

Ohio’s Prevailing Wage law, which has been on the books since 1931, levels the playing field by keeping contractors from undercutting employee pay on project bids, which has the potential to result in shoddy work.

By requiring the Prevailing Wage, Ohio has ensured construction workers receive fair pay on publicly funded projects.

Despite claims to the contrary, multiple studies here in Ohio and across the country have determined Prevailing Wage Laws promote and maintain a highly trained construction workforce, while also rebuilding the middle class and boosting the state economy.

The bill is not expected to advance through the committee system, meaning a vote in the Ohio Statehouse on the bill is unlikely.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 24 proudly supports Ohio’s Prevailing Wage law.

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