Bill will Aid High School Apprenticeship Recruitment

Sheet Metal Workers Local 24 stands to benefit from a bill recently passed in the Ohio House.

House members voted unanimously to approve House Bill 98, the Ohio High School Career Opportunity Act, which gives equal opportunity for representatives from colleges and universities, the armed forces, skilled trades, businesses and charitable organizations to present information on future career and post-graduate opportunities to high school students.

HB 98 now moves to the Senate for possible committee hearings and floor vote. If passed by the Senate, it will become law and give the building trades more access to public schools to expose students to careers in the building trades.

Under current Ohio law, Ohio high schools can refuse access to nearly all recruiters.

Should the legislation becomes law, SMW Local 24 will have two opportunities per year to discuss the benefits of an apprenticeship with students.

Having the opportunity to speak with students and explain how an apprenticeship offers the ability to earn while they learn, should help to increase the number of men and women who apply for an apprenticeship with a SMW Local 24 JATC.

Many students are unaware they can earn a livable wage, receive good health and retirement benefits and get paid for industry training and education, while avoiding massive college debt.

According to the Statehouse website, Rep. Mike Duffey (R-Worthington) and Rep. Kristen Boggs (D-Columbus) sponsored the bill, which was supported by numerous Building Trade Councils and their affiliated JATCs, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and manufacturing companies.

“This bill will provide Ohio students the opportunity to learn about career opportunities immediately available upon graduation,” Rep. Boggs said.  “As college costs soar, it’s incredibly important for young adults to know all of their options so they can construct a pathway to success that best fits their life.”

“Right now, it is very easy for an Ohio high school to simply ignore a recruiter, because there’s no law giving them a right to speak with students,” said Rep. Duffey. “It’s time to encourage conversations with students about the many high paying jobs that exist in the skilled trades – many of which require no college debt and often pay surprisingly high wages utilizing on-the-job training. ”

Anyone interested in applying for an apprenticeship with SMW Local 24 can click here for more information.

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