2020 General Election Results

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The following candidates received the political endorsement of Sheet Metal Workers Local 24 and won in the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election:

President/Vice President of the United States

Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris (endorsed by SMART International)


Ohio House

28th District – Jessica Miranda

31st District – Brigid Kelly

32nd District – Catherine Ingram

33rd District – Sederick Denson

Ohio Supreme Court

Jennifer Brunner

Ohio Court of Appeals

1st District – Ginger Bock

Hamilton County Common Pleas

Chris Wagner

Jennifer Branch

Alan Triggs

Hamilton County Drug Court

Nicole Sanders

Hamilton County Commissioner

Denise Driehaus

Alicia Reece

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts

Aftab Pureval

Hamilton County Recorder

Scott Crowley

Hamilton County Treasurer

Jill Schiller

Hamilton County Coroner

Lakshmi Kode Sammarco

U.S. House of Representatives

3rd District – Joyce Beatty

Court of Appeals – 10th District

Michael C. Mentel

Terri Jamison

Ohio House of Representatives

17th District – Adam Miller

18th District – Kristin Boggs

19th District – Mary Lightbody

20th District – Richard Brown

21st District – Beth Liston

22nd District – David Leland

24th District – Allison Russo

25th District – Dontavius Jarrells

26th District – Erica Crawley

68th District – Rick Carfagna 


Franklin County Common Pleas

Carl Aveni

David Young

Chris Brown

Sheryl Munson

Domestic Relations

Lasheyl Stroud

Franklin County Clerk of Courts

Maryellen O’Shaughnessy

Franklin County Sheriff

Dallas Baldwin

Franklin County Recorder

Danny O’Connor

Franklin County Treasurer

Cheryl Brooks Sullivan 

Franklin County Engineer

Cornell Robertson

Franklin County Commissioner

Kevin Boyce

John O’Grady

Perry County Treasurer

Theresa Moore

State Board of Education

6th District – Antoinette Miranda

9th District – Michelle Newman

Ohio House of Representatives

39th District – Willis Blackshear, Jr.

Montgomery County Commissioner

Judy Dodge

Deborah Lieberman

Montgomery County Recorder

Brandon McClain

Montgomery County Engineer

Paul Gruner


U.S. Congress

3rd District – John Yarmuth

Kentucky Senate

13th District – Reginald Thomas

19th District – Morgan McGarvey

33rd District – Gerald Neal

35th District – Denise Harper Angel

37th District – David Yates

Kentucky House of Representatives

14th District – Scott Lewis

20th District – Patti Minter

28th District – Charles W. Miller

30th District – Tom Burch

31st District – Josie Raymond

32nd District – Tina Bojanowski

34th District – Mary Lou Marzian

35th District – Lisa Willner

37th District – Jeffery Donohue

38th District – McKenzie Cantrell

40th District – Nima Kulkarni

41st District – Attica Scott

42nd District – Reginald K. Meeks

43rd District – Pamela Stevenson

44th District – Joni Jenkins

46th District – Alan Gentry

57th District – Derrick W. Graham

65th District – Buddy Wheatley

67th District – Rachel Roberts

75th District – Kelly Flood

76th District – Ruth Ann Palumbo

77th District – George Brown, Jr.

79th District – Susan Westrom

88th District – Cherlynn Stevenson

92nd District – John Blanton

94th District – Angie Hatton

95th District – Ashley Tackett Laferty

97th District – Bobby McCool

98th District – Danny Bentley

State Court of Appeals Judge

1st District – Chris McNeill

West Virginia

U.S. Congress

1st District – David McKinley

Supreme Court

John Hutchinson

West Virginia Senate

5th District – Bob Plymale

7th District – Rupie Phillips

8th District – Glenn Jeffries

9th District – David “Bugs” Stover

13th District – Mike Caputo

House of Delegates

2nd District – Phillip Diserio

3rd District – Shawn Fluharty and Erikka Storch

4th District – Lisa Zukoff

5th District  – Dave Pethtel

10th District – Vernon Criss

16th District –Sean Hornbuckle

17th District – Chad Lovejoy and Matthew Rohrbach

18th District – Evan Worrell

19th District – Ric Griffith

20th District – Nathan Brown

21st District – Mark Dean

22nd District – Joe Jeffries and Zack Maynard

25th District – Tony Paynter

26th District – Ed Evans

30th District – Mick Bates

31st District – Chris Toney

34th District – Brent Boggs

35th District – Doug Skaff, Jr.

36th District – Larry Rowe

37th District – Mike Pushkin

39th District – Dana Ferrell

43rd District – Cody Thompson

50th District – Joey Garcia and Guy Ward

51st District – Barbara Fleischauer, Evan Hansen, Danielle Walker and John Williams

58th District – George Miller

61st District – Jason Barrett

67th District – John Doyle

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